Ron B. Yeh

Games, Learning Technologies, Music, Food.
Computer Science Ph.D. from Stanford University (December 2007).
EECS B.S. from UC Berkeley (May 2001).
Grew up in Los Angeles. Live in the Bay Area.


squarepoet – I work on games for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Check out Tiny Piano and Tiny Guitar!

cooliris – From 2007 to 2010, I worked on a “3D” multimedia wall at this Palo Alto startup. I started the project from scratch, built it on ActionScript 3 and Papervision 3D, and helped grow it to 6M monthly users. The embeddable media wall was used on, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo!, World Food Programme, and other top sites.

digital pen & paper – My PhD thesis contributed techniques for hybrid pen, paper, and computer interfaces. One of my projects was a paper notebook for biologists that would associate your handwritten notes to photos you captured out in the field.


travel – We like to experience different cultures. Together, we've been to Japan, France, Italy, Spain, England, Greece, South Africa, Zimbabwe, UAE, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.... What's next?

food – Tasty food is the spice of life. One of my favorite creations was a hybrid pumpkin pie japanese cheesecake. I also have a sourdough starter that I've used to bake baguettes, crepes, and chocolate croissants.

find me on linkedin or try to guess my email address (it's easy if you try).